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White Peach Sangria

White Peach Sangria
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This ​luscious medley of juicy strawberries, succulent pineapple, and ripe peaches is sweetened with alluring jasmine and creamy coconut and finished with a dry down of musk and a touch of basil. Bring on the party with this sangria!
CP Notes: FO did not color the raw soap batter but it riced badly with hand stirring. It also loosened up the trace. With time and using a stick blender it should come together and get creamy. I would expect this one could separate some oils out while solidifying. If it does, sitting another day or two in the mold might allow them to reabsorb.

Compatibilities & Technical Information

FP: 177.1°
Paraffin wax: Yes
Polarity/Gel wax: not yet tested
Bath/Body Safe: Yes
Soy Throw: Strong after 14 day cure
Vanillin Content: none
Melt & Pour Soap: Yes
Oil Color: yellow to dark
Phthalate free: Yes
Vegan friendly: Yes
Cruelty free: Yes
Non-GMO: Yes
Soy-free: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Alcohol free: Yes

IFRA Guidelines - Maximum usage

Soaps solid and liquid: 8.62%
Shampoos /conditioners and other hair products: 8.62%
Lotions/ creams/body oils: 8.62%
Deodorants: 8.62%
Talcs and powders: 8.62%
Perfumes: 8.62%
Non skin contact items: up to 100%

download IFRA pdf

SDS & Technical Data

Click to download the SDS and Allergens files for this fragrance oil.

White Peach Sangria SDS pdf document
White Peach Sangria Allergens pdf document
White Round Lip Balm Tube, .15 oz
Fragrant Room & Body Spray
2.125" x 1.6875" White Waterproof Inkjet Label
Bora Bora
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(3 reviews)  

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Cori Markarian
Jul 21, 2019
This customer purchased the item at our site.
White Peach Sangria fragrance oil as well as 24 Karat Gold, Fiery Fusion, and Sunburst Sparkle micas in cold process soap.
I made cold process soap with goat milk, oat oil, and shea butter along with other light colored oils. There is always potential for discoloration due to milk and oils yet these products delivered well - but, not without adventure. Due to the milk I always soap at room temperature and I do not insulate. Plus, I use mostly round pvc pipe molds.
Using the photo attached to the fragrance as inspiration, I chose the micas from my stash. My computer video card does not do these micas justice nor do my photos. Out of the mold, the colors were vivid and appealing. As the soap cures, there is only a hint of discoloration which can be attributed solely to the milk and oils. The micas produce amazing color at the 1 tsp ppo recommended use rate. There was no discoloration from the fragrance oil.
However, the fragrance oil behavior had some bumps. I read the other reviews and was prepared for ricing and separation. Imagine my surprise when I did not encounter those issues but instead got some minor acceleration. Figures. I was able to manage the acceleration and complete a side by side pour with one side being solid and the other a pot swirl. After 24 hours the soap was unmolded and cut but I should have waited. The next day the soap was weeping slightly and ended up needing to be cleaned after a couple of weeks. Interestingly, the strength of the fragrance was not affected. It remains a moderate and still intoxicating scent after four months. The soap is gentle, lathers well, and is not drying in line with unscented, uncolored batches of the same recipe.
Even with the adventure, I highly recommend White Peach Sangria as it’s such an enjoyable fragrance. The 24 Karat Gold mica sparkles like bubbles in champagne which turned out wonderfully here. Together the Fiery Fusion and the Sunburst Sparkle micas encouraged a peachy illusion. This is now one of my favorite soaps.
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Helen Kratochvil
Aug 24, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
It smells fantastic but in cold process it rices bad and couldnt stick blend it out, I poured it anyway in the mold and the oils separated, I stirred it in the mold, I just couldnt give up because it smells so good, so I stirred it every hour in the mold until it stopped separating. It is now cut and curing, its a bit oily but its getting better each day, I hope it turns out after a few weeks.

Advantages: smells great

Disadvantages: rices and oils separate
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Ms. LaShawnta Barker
Oct 28, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This scent smells great! The peach and the bubbly really comes through. I used in M&P soap only. But I will try in CP soap as well. Definitely ordering more of this.

Advantages: The scent is true to its name.
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