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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
I just experienced my first Scent Event and I am totally blown away with all the wonderful fragrances I purchased and the super fast delivery. I just recently found out about RE and I love the products offered and the ability to get fragrant samples at such a great price.


Added Aug 19, 2016

I love this shop!! Never disappointed and SUPER fast shipping. I am a customer for life.

Joyce Gregoire

Added Aug 5, 2016

This is one of my favorite scents for men's soap. It is fresh and clean and works beautifully in CP soap. I had no acceleration or discoloration and the soap retained the scent well.


Added Jul 27, 2016

Pumpkin cupcake smells amazing! I used it in melt and pour and CP soap. It did discolor to dark brown in my batch of CP soap, but I had no problems soaping with it. It is more of a baked goods pumpkin smell than a spicy one and the scent sticks well.


Added Jul 26, 2016

I made a batch of CP soap using this scent back last fall. It smelled great OOB but really came alive once it cured. I smell mainly the berry notes but there is a little hint of the scone.
I had no problems at all soaping with this fragrance. No acceleration, or discoloration and the scent retention has been wonderful.
I am definitely going to purchase this one again and would certainly recommend it.


Added Jul 26, 2016

I've been using Rustic's fragrance oils for our business and couldn't be more pleased. We have tried many other suppliers, but Rustic's oils are always spot on the fragrance name and full strength. this is an awesome company!

(Mountain Crafted)

Added Jul 5, 2016

I just want to thank you for your great service. Placed an order at 3:30 pm Tuesday, had it Friday morning. By reading the reviews I picked four great fragrance oils, I really like the Goat\\\'s Milk Silky Body Lotion. The rest of my order was just as good. Thanks again

Deborah Loving

Added Jun 29, 2016

I'm more than happy with your company, there is no one who can compare with your service,when customers order products that you ran out of ingredients, this is the place to buy,super fast delivery,and you don't pay more for shipping than the supplies you order. I'll keep coming back.
Your loyal customer

Carmen Berenguer

Added Jun 9, 2016

I am so glad I found this site I love it. I love all the fragrances I purchased. my favorites are pink berry and tonka bean omg it is heavenly now I have 3 people im ordering it for and they love the smell. and my other favorites are Forbidden fruit,bamboo and sugar cane , awapuni seaberry. I am definitely hooked.I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

Tina E Barnette

Added Jun 7, 2016

I placed my order last week and got my order just days later! that NEVER happens when I order things. I am astounded.
I was also given a few pieces of candy with my order, which I thought was super sweet. My husband loved that!
My bath bomb molds are perfect, and my oils are just as delicious.
My green apple is a bit tame (but only in a good way) The Orange Dreamsicle though, I was smelling that for HOURS. I expected much more time to pass before I got my order, so that is the highlight of my excitement. I also love that I can get so many materials right here in one place, this will definitely be my go to spot! :)

((still working on starting one) )

Added Jun 6, 2016

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