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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
I heard about Rustic Escentuals from a YouTube soap maker, (Kenny) but I never got the chance to try them out. Since Covid19 virus, and me suffering with cabin fever, I needed my supplies. Anyway I finally tried one of their fragrance oils (Lovely), and immediately order another bottle before I made anything with it. The company that I normally use had a wait time that was amazingly unexceptionable. I am so happy I now have a new company to buy my supplies from. The quality is number one, and the service is outstanding.

Teresa Rollins

Added Sep 3, 2020

I purchased 8 scents oils from your company and when I say that all 8 were phenomenal I am not exaggerating. This bonfire bliss is ridiculous. The cider barrel, making a beard oil with it now. Thank you for supplying a very good product and a very decent price.????????

Jeremy Olech
(Pioneer Valley Beard care)

Added Sep 2, 2020

It doesn't happen often enough - a compliment - but when it's deserved...it should be given. I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Rustic Escentuals for your ongoing dedication to fulfilling and processing orders, quickly and efficiently during the quarantine of 2020 as well as the frustrating ongoing delays with shipping carriers. The team at Rustic Escentuals remained open and processed orders throughout the slow-downs due to the pandemic. When other suppliers began to slow down their processing and production and thus making makers/vendors wait EXTREMELY long lead times - the dedicated team at Rustic Escentuals kept it going! I appreciate that I didn't have to reschedule any of my restocks for lack of supplies thanks to you. I appreciate every one of you that make up this extraordinary team!
-Kelly Bennett
Confectionery Soaps Co.

Kelly Bennett
(Confectionery Soaps Co.)

Added Aug 29, 2020

I tested out Rusticescentuals while visiting my granchubbies in North Carolina. I am so very glad that I did! My soaps, sugar scrubs and candles smell AH-MAZING!!!
I love their essential oils because they are not already tainted by any brand. I can mix and mingle them anyway that I want to come up with my own signature scents.

Thank you for your excellent product and courteous customer service. I will always use your products!


Angela McCree
(DivaDreamer, LLC)

Added Aug 21, 2020

I received purchased 1920’s Barbershop. I really like this scent. I make soap for me and to give to people close to me. I am very picky because scents impact my moods dramatically. I have purchased other barbershop scents from other companies and I have liked them all but this one really captures the scents I remember smelling in grandfathers and great grandfathers products. A classier time in America. I smell musk, talc, Amber, mild bay rum. Very classic. I made a cologne out it. Totally happy with this purchase.

Michael Prichard

Added Aug 16, 2020

I got there pigments for my lipgloss and packaging made me speechless. It is the best packaging i have every seen since i start my business the pigment are true to the color shown on their website. Hey Rustic escentuals i am here to stay

Olushola Abdulsalam

Added Aug 8, 2020

I am a fairly new customer to Rustic Essentials but am very pleased with the quality of the products received, the speed of shipping and the actual shipping cost. Shipping is outrageous with some sites, especially if you want to order to replenish one or two items. The product selection is fantastic. The fragrance oils are true to the description and smell wonderful. They are long lasting. I think one of the most appreciated aspects of your site is the honest description of fragrance performance with various mediums. I am hooked and here to stay. Thanks a million Kenny from Royal Apple Berry Soaps for recommending this site. ????????????

Ulie Brandon
(Ulie's Celestial Soaps)

Added Aug 7, 2020

I can't say enough good things about RE! Their scents have never let me down, and many of my 'regular' scents come from here. But today I wanted to write this because I am SO impressed with the speed I rec'd my order. Perhaps I shouldn't always expect this, but I got my order in ONE day! Considering I'm still waiting for an order from another supplier (that I won't mention) placed 2 weeks ago, I have to say Thank You! RE may have a rep for costing a little more, but after 4 years and trying many different suppliers, it's worth it. You ALWAYS get what you pay for. Why waste your time and supplies testing inferior product?

(Benjamin's Naturals)

Added Aug 6, 2020

Rustic Escentuals was suggested to me in a group as a great company to purchase fragrance oils from. Six months later I am still purchasing 99% of my FO’s from your company. I cannot thank you enough for your lovely fragrances, your LIGHTNING FAST SHIPPING and the assurance I can always count on Rustic Escentuals to have whatever I need. I LOVE your company and highly recommend it every opportunity I get! Thank you and much love to you ALL!


C Cochrane

C Cochrane

Added May 12, 2020

Just received my order, fast shipping, and loving the products! Your company is doing an awesome job! I will be ordering more soon! Thank you!

Santo Massie
(Monkey Saint)

Added May 10, 2020

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