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Meet the Staff

meet our staff!

In 1999 Rustic Escentuals was simply Amy packing customer orders in her laundry room. We're now a strong, growing family of wonderful, dedicated employees. Our Rustic Escentuals staff are as diverse as the jobs they do but they share a commitment to customer satisfaction. Come meet us and learn a little about our team family!
Amy, owner

Part-entrepreneur and part-scientist, Amy thrives on experiments to develop fresh, innovative ideas for all things bath, body, and home. When a battle with Necrotizing Fasciitis left her with limited mobility, Amy turned her quest to create the perfect candle into a successful online enterprise. With top-notch supplies and nearly two decades of experience, she helps fellow crafters make products that they can be proud of. She's a cat lover, a wild birding enthusiast, a die-hard rock music fan, prefers a good TV series over movies, and is always up for a Frappuccino or strong iced coffee. She's a long-time fan of Nate Berkus ("PLEASE come to South Carolina and let's redecorate my kitchen!") and is eager to go on a tapas crawl with Andrew Zimmern.

Up until becoming handicapped, Amy had wanderlust. She's been to many fun places and seen countless gorgeous sights such as the Mona Lisa, the Hope Diamond, Eiffel Tower, the Aurora Borealis. Amy has walked on glaciers, been close enough to whales in the wild to experience their blowhole "whale breath" (and wheeeew, it's bad!), volunteered on the Iditarod Trail in Alaska, had libations in places like The Viper Room and Whiskey A Go-Go, went to MANY local Hootie & The Blowfish shows years before they were famous (and the same goes for Edwin McCain), visited Roslyn, WA while the TV show "Northern Exposure" was being taped, and has been to places that are now war-torn or no longer exist (i.e. Yugoslavia, which is now Croatia). Amy is a firm believer in the importance of travel for young people - to experience different cities, people and cultures - "the USA is a wonderful melting pot and there are many discoveries to be made within our own diverse country."

A CPO (certified professional organizer) helped shape Amy's life and forever changed how she thinks about "stuff." In fact, they work so well together, they were invited to be on The Nate Berkus Show to talk about organizing.

Favorite Scent: Hippie Chick

Amy - Owner

Christine, manager

Christine is known as Obi One Kenobi at work. She is the one that knows all. We have also given her the Native American name Like The Wind because she constantly appears without a sound. She has one son at Clemson and one son at Carolina. A house divided!

A firm believer in vacation time, Christine would happily vacation to either the mountains or the beach. With 2 dogs, she's a bona-fide dog lover. Christine loves to read and has traveled to many places but the one place you'd never find her at is an opera.

Favorite Scent: Bonfire Bliss

Christine - Manager

Kathy, customer service

Kathy walks into work on most days stating: "you are never going to believe what happened to me yesterday!" She has a husband, two teenagers, and three dogs that keep her very busy. When not with her family, she is rescuing animals. A self diagnosed foodie, Kathy is always looking for that next delicious bite of something wonderful.

Having traveled extensively, Kathy would choose Italy as her dream relocation spot. She enjoys to read, drinks both coffee and tea, and has moved more than 5 times in her life. Her favorite season is Autumn and she makes candles when she has the time.

Favorite Scent: Lavender

Kathy - Customer Service & Support

Cherie, product support

When Cherie isn't working, you'll find her with her nose deep into a book or surrounded by dozens of bottles of fragrance oils as she whips up yet another wax melt creation. She's a crafty person who enjoys creating soaps, candles, melts, and more.

Cherie adores 80's movies. License to Drive, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club.. etc. and will pick salty, pan-fried country ham over a Krispy Kreme donut every day of the week. When you call to place an order, you speak with Cherie. :)

Favorite Scent: Pumpkin Creme Brulee

Cherie - Product Technical Support

Calin, warehouse associate

Calin is a recent college graduate with a Bachelor in Business Management. As a child he had dreams of becoming the next Indiana Jones (an archeologist for those who don't know who Indiana Jones is - and how can you not know that?! ;) ). If he's not at work, you'd likely find him running or admiring a Ford Raptor (his dream truck).

If he could live anywhere in the world, Calin would choose Idaho. He prefers the mountains to the beach, Krispy Kremes to fried chicken, and skips right over coffee and tea in favor of energy drinks. Colin rides in style in his classic and totally kickin' Chrysler Cordoba. We approve!

Favorite Scent: Ozark Forest

Calin - Shipping & Receiving

Joe, website programmer

Joe is a geek through and through. He loves all things math and programming and his favorite pastime is either solving a Rubik's cube in less than 90 seconds or playing guitar.

If it's from the 80's, he loves it: 8-bit art, Pac-Man, old style arcade games, corny movies, you name it. Joe is big into late 60's - early 70's muscle cars and loud exhaust.

Favorite Scent: Cuban Tobacco

Joe - Website Programmer

Sonya, assistant

Sonya is a southern woman, born in Spartanburg, who has one hand firmly on her knitting and the other clutching a glass of sweet tea ("the house wine of the south" lol). She has 2 teenage children and a dog named Sonny Boy and if she's not knitting, you might find her.. no, you'll find her knitting. ;) Sonya considers herself an extroverted introvert and has been told she's a great story teller. Several friends are waiting for her to eventually write a book of some kind but as her favorite quote goes "I can't think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow." (Scarlett O'Hara, Gone With the Wind)

If Sonya instantly be an expert in something, it would be time management. As she puts it "then I'd be an expert at a lot of things!" Her most used phone emojis are smiley face with heart eyes and rolling on floor laughing face. Which basically sums up this fun loving, sweet, and creative gal. She recently took one of our soaping classes and is in love with soap making now - we're excited to see where she goes with this new craft.

Sonya's perfect day: waking up to a clean house, spending the entire day with her 2 children, netflix'ing and knitting with her sweet tea close at hand (or hot cider/cocoa during the fall/winter).

Favorite Scent: Cranberry Salsa or Barbershop 1920's

Sonya - Assistant

Ashley S., assistant

Ashley is another one of our Spartanburg, SC born employees who has lived her entire life in our beautiful state. Her favorite local eatery is Miyako Sushi (which is amazing!) and her guilty pleasure is shopping. She is a animal lover with 2 dogs (Blue and Ruby) and one adorable little guinea pig so it should come as no surprise to learn that her first job was at a veterinarian's office. She loves to cook (and eat) great food and is happy to just chill out watching Netflix all day.

The craziest thing Ashley has ever done was ziplining over the mountains - but her idea of a perfect day is nothing quite that exciting. Relaxing in the house watching family movies and snacking on yummy food washed down with root beer. She has 2 boys and is passionate about being the best mother, wife, and all-around good person.

Ashley's favorite traditions involve Christmas - family and baking and good times with loved ones. She loves arts and crafts and is a master of creating beautiful pieces from old pallets.

The inspirational quote that means the most to Ashley is: we must teach our children to dream with their eyes open.

Favorite Scent: Caramel Pecan

Ashley S. - Assistant

Tracy, warehouse associate

Tracy has traveled all over the US but is quite happy to be in South Carolina where she lives with her husband of 27+years. She has 7 children and 15 grandchildren and considers spending time with her grand babies to be her favorite hobby.

Tracy loves dogs, the mountains, and her favorite season is Autumn. She enjoys big glasses of Mountain Dew and her dream car is the super sweet 1966 Ford Mustang.

Favorite Scent: Monkey Farts

Tracy - Warehouse Associate

Kelsie, warehouse associate

Kelsie is a twin and can actually read her twin sister's mind! She raises English Bulldogs (ahhhhh!) and has her AA in arts. She love spending time with family and her boyfriend and would like to eventually settle down in either New York or Hawaii.

Kelsie hates the bugs and outdoors but enjoys the beach (makes sense to us!). She loves fried chicken and country ham and thus is a true southern gal. ;)

Favorite Scent: Salty Sea Air

Kelsie - Warehouse Associate

Shirley, warehouse associate

Shirley loves to work (and we do appreciate that about her!). She also enjoys playing bingo, dancing, and the more peaceful pastime of watching tv. Summer is her favorite season and when push comes to shove, she'll take a fresh-from-the-oven Krispy Kreme over a piece of fried chicken.

Shirley has moved more than 5 times over her lifetime but would be happy to settle down in the glorious Tennessee mountains. And avid reader, Shirley enjoys books and a good chick flick.

Favorite Scent: Hippie Chick

Shirley - Warehouse Associate

Sasha, warehouse associate

Sasha is quick-thinking, logical, and open minded to new ideas and thoughts. She's a fast learner and adjusted to warehouse life very quickly. She was born in the Ukraine and speaks fluent Ukrainian, Russian, and English, and is learning Spanish (smart girl!).

Sasha loves California and would settle there if the opportunity presented itself. She loves cats and dogs, playing tennis, and gardening and is hoping to learn how to make candles in the near future. You'll never find her swimming with her sneakers or coming anywhere near spiders. Yuck!

Favorite Scent: Monkey Farts

Sasha - Warehouse Associate

Nadezhda, fragrance oil technician

Nadezhda has 7 amazing children and we truly love having her around - she's a great communicator. She was born in the Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian, English, and of course, Ukrainian. Nadia is a true animal lover and also enjoys nature (flowers and plants), traveling, and cooking.

Nadezhda is content to stay put right here in the USA for the future. Her favorite season is summer and she prefers the beaches over mountains.

Favorite Scent: Cranberry Salsa

Nadezhda - Fragrance Oil Technician

Olga, fragrance oil technician

Olga is originally from the Ukraine but loves her new home here in SC. She loves to cook/bake, meet new people, and is an animal lover. As a child she had dreams of being a teacher.

Olga has traveled extensively through Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Yugoslavia, but if she could pick anywhere in the world to be, it would be the US. She speaks Russian and English and loves crab legs (yum!).

Favorite Scent: Da Lime in da Coconut

Olga - Fragrance Oil Technician

Mariya, fragrance oil technician

Mariya is another employee that originally heralds from the Ukraine. Interesting fact: she is Viktoriya's mother! Mariya speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and English and loves to travel and cook. She's visited several different US states as well as several countries.

On her off time, Mariya can usually be found in the kitchen where she creates delicious creations her family enjoys. Mariya is sociable and would choose dogs over cats.

Favorite Scent: Asian Pear

Mariya - Fragrance Oil Technician

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