:: Rustic Escentuals and the COVID-19 Crisis

Rustic Escentuals and the COVID-19 Crisis

This page will be updated as our situation changes with product shortages, warehouse pickup information, and more during the Covid-19 crisis. Thank you for your patience as we work through these unprecedented times!


So that our employees can spend the holiday with their friends and family, the warehouse will be closed Wednesday, July 1st, through Friday, July 3rd. We will return to normal business hours on Monday, July 6th. Any orders placed after 11am eastern on Tuesday, June 30th, will start shipping out on Monday, July 6th. Please plan accordingly.

Telephone orders and product tech support will be available during our closure. You can reach Cherie at 864-384-5331, Monday - Friday, from 10am - 5pm eastern.


We are thrilled to announce that warehouse pickup will be resuming starting the 2nd week of June! There are a few changes for the time being so read on to get the full scoop...

* Orders can be picked up on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only.

* Pick up times are between 9:00am - 3:30pm.

* There will be a 24 hour wait time after placing order before you can pick it up.

* We ask that you please call Rustic just before arriving at 864-582-9335.

* Due to Covid-19 we will place order outside for the customer to load. If you are unable to lift and load heavier boxes (ie: 50 pounds of wax, etc), you will need to bring someone with you that can do that. Due to social distancing, our employees cannot load the products for you.

* Please park in the handicapped parking space in the front of the building so it will be easier for you to load your order into your vehicle.

* We will clean cart each time a pick up order is rolled out as a precaution due to the pandemic. Please wait in car until employee is back inside to reduce any contact with each other.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this "new normal" :)


Because of the global CV crisis, there is a massive backlog at the bottle manufacturer. Orders placed today are not expected to arrive until sometime after September.

This will result in several things.

1. Our annual Scent Event is canceled for this year. We simply do not have the bottles required to run a sale of this size. We are as disappointed as you are, but this is an unprecedented situation that was completely unexpected. We hope to run it again next year, assuming the world is back to normal or as close to normal as possible.

2. Fragrance oils are going to be packed in a few different styles of containers. What is most important to us is getting fragrance oils to you. Expect to see a wild variety of bottles as we work through the shortage and do what we can to get them to you. Bottles may be larger than expected, different shapes or colors, different types of plastic, and will likely have a wide range of colored caps. All our oils are sold by weight, not volume, so you will get what you ordered - albeit in an unexpected bottle. Perhaps we could look on this with humor - who will get the craziest selection of bottles and caps? ;)

Suggestion: if you are ordering replacements of scents you already have, save the existing bottle(s) to put the new product in.


We are experiencing multiple product shortages at Rustic Escentuals at this time due to the nation’s unparalleled crisis. For this reason, we are temporarily suspending our free samples program until the stock shortages cease. Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.

We have masks for our employees to wear to help keep all illness at bay and we will remain open as long as our local government allows and as long as UPS/FedEx continue with package pickups. Any updates to this will be posted here as well as on our social media channels. Be safe!


Due to the Coronavirus crisis, UPS and FedEX have suspended delivery guarantees at this time. If you live in an area that is on lock-down, please be aware that if UPS/FedEx cannot deliver the packages in a certain number of days, they will be returning packages to the warehouse and charging return fees. Please visit the respective websites for full details on the current policies, fees, and situation. (UPS | FedEx)

Because this is such a fluid situation we are all dealing with at this time, we advise signing up for UPS My Choice and Fed Ex Delivery Manager in order to better control your deliveries.

COVID-19 UPDATE (3/17/2020)

Rustic Escentuals cares deeply about the health of our employees, their families, and our customers. We wanted to share with you what we are doing to help prevent illness and to make sure our facility remains clean and free from illness.

Until further notice, we will not be offering warehouse pickup and our warehouse is closed to the public. All orders will ship via UPS or FedEx. As the situation changes, we will determine when we will once again allow pickup at the warehouse.

All employees regularly wash their hands throughout the day but, we have instructed our employees to adhere to a more stringent schedule of hand washing along with many other guidelines the CDC has suggested. Our work areas and break rooms are thoroughly cleaned multiples times throughout the day and employees are working at separate tables and areas of the warehouse to avoid close contact with others.

Our warehouse is very large and can easily accommodate our entire work force with enough space to practice social distancing. In addition, we are located in a rural area so there is a lower population than in crowded suburban cities. Social distancing is therefore easier both inside and outside our warehouse.

We have implemented a new policy to ensure that our employees remain healthy and safe. This new policy will allow our warehouse to remain operational for our customers during this trying time. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Be safe. Stay inside when possible. And wash your hands regularly!

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