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Sweet Amber Musk

Sweet Amber Musk
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Our test candle filled the room with scent, we knew within 15 minutes that this was a winner! A deeply sensual and erotic scent, this is an emotional fragrance that invites you to sniff again and again. Top notes of Italian bergamot, Brazilian lemon, and Moroccan orange blend harmoniously with a delicate floral whisper of geranium, muguet/lily, and rose petals and is finished with a rich dry down of sweet amber, vanilla accord, and sensuous exotic musk.

We burned candles in this fragrance as realtors were leading packs of buyers through our house when we had it on the market, and we were very pleased when buyers expressed shock that we owned pets. It does a fantastic job of masking just about any odor. A customer reported that it masked the smell of urine in her home. We had phenomenal sales in incense products as well. This oil also serves as a great base upon which to build new and exciting blends! This oil smells EXPENSIVE! This is a great companion product to anything made with Angel Heart.

Compatibilities & Technical Information

FP: 200°
Paraffin wax: Yes
Polarity/Gel wax: No Gel
Bath/Body Safe: Yes
Soy Throw: Strong after 14 day cure
Vanillin Content: 4.7%
Melt & Pour Soap: Yes
Oil Color: varies from batch to batch between yellow tint to very dark
Phthalate free: No
Vegan friendly: Yes
Cruelty free: Yes
Non-GMO: Yes
Soy-free: Yes
Gluten-free: Yes
Alcohol free: Yes

IFRA Guidelines - Maximum usage

Soaps solid and liquid: 6.6%
Shampoos /conditioners and other hair products: 6.6%
Lotions/ creams/body oils: 6.6%
Deodorants: 0.9%
Talcs and powders: 6.6%
Perfumes: 6.6%
Non skin contact items: up to 100%

All About IFRA

IFRA guidelines - what does it mean?

Let's discuss IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and what that means for you...

From their website: The IFRA Standards form the basis for the globally accepted and recognized risk management system for the safe use of fragrance ingredients and are part of the IFRA Code of Practice. This is the self-regulating system of the industry, based on risk assessments carried out by an independent Expert Panel.

The Expert Panel is made up of renowned independent experts from the fields such as dermatology, toxicology, pathology and environmental sciences. Their role is to evaluate the data on a fragrance ingredient to see if it supports the current use level, to make sure that there is no risk for the consumer. In cases where the safety assessment does not support the current use, the Panel instructs IFRA to issue a Standard either restricting or banning a material.

We have IFRA on all fragrance oils and flavor oils on our website. Click on the product name and below the description you'll see a set of tabs. IFRA is one of those tabs. You can click on that to see the *max* levels allowed for specific applications.

What do the max levels mean? Let's use Almond Paradise as an example. The IFRA guidelines on this state that there are no restrictions for soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. So does that mean you can use 100% in your product? No. That would mean your product consists of straight fragrance oil.

The IFRA states the *max* that can be used, not the recommended amount. It is the responsibility of the maker to do their research to see what the recommended usage rate of fragrance oil for their particular recipe is.

For soap, as a general rule of thumb you will use up to 5% of fragrance oil in Cold Process (CP) soap and up to 3% in Melt and Pour (M&P) soap.

So if you see a fragrance oil and the IFRA says 23% for soap, don't use 23%. IFRA is important when it comes to lower numbers. There are a few fragrance oils that have max usage rates that are less than the percentages shown above. In that case, you can only use the max shown for the oil.

SDS & Technical Data

Click to download the SDS and Allergens files for this fragrance oil.

Sweet Amber Musk SDS pdf document
Sweet Amber Musk Allergens pdf document
White Round Lip Balm Tube, .15 oz
Toasted Marshmallow
Bora Bora
Cuban Tobacco
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Jul 10, 2019
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Beautiful fragrance, filled the room and lingered down the hallway. Used parasoy wax, made votives and test candle. Not overbearing, but strong and inviting.

Advantages: powerhouse in parasoy
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Dec 17, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
OMG this smells so good. It is a really sexy smell. I thought Little Black Dress was good but this is now my favorite! I use it in parasoy candle & it fills the whole room!
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Ms. Mandy Hannah
Sep 15, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Just wonderful. I have bought musk type scents from other places and they always smelled off. This one to me is unisex.
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Ms. Martha Espinoza
Nov 23, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Best Seller! Everyone loves this one - men and women - this is an opulent, sexy evening scent. Try adding a touch of White Ginger and Amber to make it smoking hot and Vanilla Lace to tone it down rich and creamy or both!

Advantages: Works great in bath and body products and soy candles. Strong throw.
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