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Special Buys

Special Buys
Several times a year we clean out extra products from the warehouse to make room for new stuff. No telling what you'll find on this page! Bits of this and bits of that add up and we offer them up to you at bargain prices. Depending on stock level, at any time you may find candle making supplies, soap making supplies, or supplies to craft other items too - like lip balms or lotions; sometimes you may find finished products; sometimes you may see unique cosmetic packaging. Feel free to visit this page often!
36-24-24C 6 inch Cotton Wick, 100 pack
Whoops! We ordered 6 inch cotton wicks instead of 3. These are typically used for votives. We recommend purchasing wick tabs, cutting these wicks in half, and using the tabs to make 2 wicks out of 1. There are 100 of these wicks per package.
Market price: $7.49 save 40%
Silver lip balm tube caps, pkg. of 100
These lip balm tube caps were made by a different manufacturer than our tubes. They don't fit perfectly, so we need to sell them. Depending on your tube's manufacturer, they may fit perfectly or be a little tight or loose.
Vanilla type
Bath & Body Safe FP: > 200°
Special buy of Vanilla fragrance oil. Top note of coconut, middle note of vanilla extract, and base note of vanilla sugar. This is a limited edition scent of which we will continue to do fast buys. If there is a demand for moderate to high volume, we will stock the oil regularly. NOTE: This oil has a strong tendency to crystalize but will not affect your finished product in any way.

16 ounces click here to view compatibilities & technical information
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