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Gel Colors(21 Products)

These fabulous Gel Colors are highly concentrated colorants which are designed to be used with personal care products you manufacture including melt and pour soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and any other WATER BASED product you formulate. In testing we found that 10 drops per pound of clear melt and pour soap produced maximum color saturation. These Gel Colors can also be used with our Moisturizing Body Spray Base and Linen/Air Freshener Spray Base. Customers who purchased Gel Colors soap colorants also purchased soap making supplies, candle making supplies, melt and pour soap, and organza bags.

Micas, Oxides and Pigments(56 Products)

Color your soaps, lip balms, and mineral makeup with professional micas, pigments and oxides! Mica pigments are the name of a group of natural occurring minerals which can range from being completely matte to sparkling or opalescent. Mica pigments are a purified and crushed mica mineral. Mica pigments may be used to color lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, mineral makeup, melt and pour soap bases, cold process soap and other things such as stampers and embossing. Mica colorants are popular in soap making because most do not bleed or morph. Micas are fun and easy to work with because their color ranges go way beyond the rainbow and mixing colors creates even more unique and beautiful shades and brilliant color effects. Please see specific notes on each color listed for Use & Applications as well as end product suitability. Purchasers should, by their own tests and evaluations, determine suitability of such products for their specific use. Our colorants, except sample sizes, are sold by weight, not volume. Sample sizes are approximately one teaspoon . Larger sizes are packaged in either jars or bags. Photos shown are as accurate as possible. However, due to variations in viewer monitor settings, colors may vary from actual items. Learn how to use Micas in M&P soap base in our Crafting Library tutorial .
Titanium Dioxide
Our water dispersible Titanium Dioxide is a fabulous whitening agent for your formulations. Water soluble UPS cosmetic grade and high purity, this all-natural color has been filtered of harmful impurities. Use by itself or to deepen the tone of other colors. Blend with soap, mineral makeup and personal care products to produce a bright white color.

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Vanilla Color Stabilizer
(For M&P soap bases only.) Vanilla Color Stabilizer is a product that is added to melt and pour soap bases to help minimize the chance for brown discoloration from vanilla based fragrance oils. Many soap fragrance oils contain Vanillin or Ethyl Vanillin (vanilla extract) in their formulation which can cause products to discolor or become brown over time. Vanilla Color Stabilizer minimizes the chance for discoloration by slowing down the naturally occurring vanilla aging process. Unlike other Vanilla Stabilizers on the market, ours has no harsh odor and is crystal clear. Click here for full product details and documentation.
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