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Ky 133 Versatile Paraffin Wax Blend

Ky 133 Versatile Paraffin Wax Blend
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Back by popular demand! This is such a wonderfully versatile paraffin wax that we had to bring it back for everyone. Melt point is 133° and it is a creamy, smooth pre-blended paraffin wax with all of the necessary additives. It can be used for tarts, votives, containers and even special projects like dipping bears & critters! Our Paraffin Wax Blend comes in granulated form for easy scooping and measuring. This paraffin wax is a premium choice for blending with soy wax (like our Ky PureSoy and Ky Soy 115) for para-soy wax container candles for improved fragrance oil throw. This paraffin wax has excellent cold and hot scent throw and has great fragrance retention.

Recommended candle fragrance oil load is up to 10% (1.28 - 1.6 ounces per pound of wax).

Heat to 180°. Cool candle slowly and cure for at least 2 days for best results. Candles will require a repour. For optimal shine on votives, pour at approx. 175°. For a frosty, rustic looking votive, pour at approx. 150° into a cold metal mold.

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(3 reviews)  

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Mrs. Savannah Coan
Jan 19, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Love this wax. I was using the parasoy blend and wanted something with a shorter cure time due to customer demand. I let stand for 3 days then they are ready to go out the door!

Advantages: Cuts down on cure time
Great scent throw
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Ms. Stacy Sullivan
Oct 13, 2017
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Best wax ever.
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Mrs. Andrea Berrios
Aug 7, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
WOW!!! Let me just say this is by far THE BEST paraffin wax blend out there..PERIOD! I've been using KY Para/Soy blend for my tarts and clamshells and although I do like it I was looking for a wax with a stronger scent throw. After researching online for months and testing different types of wax (Soy, Para/Soy and straight paraffin) I came across KY 133 Paraffin Blend and I ordered a 5 lb to sample. Oh boy! I was in complete shocked! Not only the tarts and clamshells came out looking beautiful, the cold scent throw was outstanding. So I waited 24 hrs (instead of 3 weeks for the para/soy blend) and I could smell it immediately. Creamy, yummy and SUPPER strong hot scent throw, one 1oz tart lasted almost 8-10 hrs..WOW!! NO cure time and I get the best scent throw EVER! Like I said I do like their Para/Soy blend but the curing time it's too long for me and from my experience this wax is way better!! I just can't get enough. Thank you Rustic Escentuals..this one is a winner.

Advantages: NO Curing Time at all!!
Beautiful and creamy tarts
OUTSTANDING cold/hot scent throw
Easy to work with..no mess!

Disadvantages: None
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