:: How to Make Incense

How to Make Incense

Ever wish you could make incense with your favorite scents? Well now you can! For your convenience we have created an online instruction sheet resource on how to make incense. There are several different methods but we have chosen one of the most common and one that would be easy for you to do. Please feel free to print this page out to use when you make your incense.

1. Begin by mixing 1 part fragrance oil to 2 or 3 parts Oil Base/DPG. Stir very well. Alcohol should NOT be used in place of DPG - it will not work well. Do NOT use straight fragrance oil. Straight fragrance oil will make your incense smoke excessively! All of our premium fragrance oils can be used for incense, regardless of flash point or other safety applications. Here are some of our picks for great incense: Flower Child, Apple Cinnamon, Oakmoss Sage, Sweetgrass, Rustic Rose, Forget Me Not, Black Cherry, Lavender Apples & Oak, Interlude, Patchouli Blend, Strawberry, DreamCatcher, Serengeti Sunset, Red Currant, Mandarin Twist, and Vanilla Sandalwood.

2. Pour your mixture into a shallow glass or HDPE container. Place your raw incense sticks or cones in the mixture and be sure they are completely covered. Allow your incense to soak in the scent mixture for 24 hours. This amount of time is necessary to allow the incense to fully absorb the oil. Another way you can soak your raw incense sticks is to place them in a tall glass vase or jar. You can leave ! them bundled but be sure they are completely submerged in the fragrance mixture. A glass bowl also works very well for cones.

3. After soaking for 24 hours, gently spread your sticks or cones out on a screen or drying rack. To avoid drips, you can put your screen or drying rack over a cookie sheet covered with tin foil with several layers of paper towels that will absorb any drips. If you have chosen to leave your sticks bundled, you can hang them to dry on a cup hook or other method. You will still want to place paper towels beneath them to absorb any drips. If you have chosen to leave your sticks bundled, be sure to hang them where they will get plenty of air flow to help them dry. Using a small fan can help speed the drying process. Do not bake the incense in an oven or microwave to dry it! Your incense must be allowed to dry naturally and completely for at least 48 hours before burning.

4. Before burning or packaging your incense, check to see if is still wet or damp. If your incense is still wet or damp it will not burn properly! If you have chosen to use cones, they tend to take a little longer to dry than sticks due to their size. Be sure to check for damp spots as well as overall dryness. Fragrance oils are chemicals and many are very strong. They can dissolve many plastics so be sure your incense is completely dry before burning or packaging!

5. Once you have started your incense drying, pour the leftover fragrance mixture into a glass or HDPE plastic bottle for storage. The fragrance mixture can be used again to make more incense! By storing it properly it won't be wasted.

With 16 oz. of fragrance mixture, you should be able to make approx. 500 incense sticks or cones. Properly made, fully dried incense should burn for approximately 45 minutes to over 1 hour.
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