:: Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Just want to say how much I LOVE Rustic Escentuals! I'm very vocal when I love things and vocal when I don't. I haven't ordered from every fragrance supplier in the market, but I've used several. In my humble opinion...Rustic Escentuals has the best fragrance oils of any!! If you're a seasoned soaper or just a beginner--try RE, I don't think you'll be disappointed!
Janine W.
I just wanted to let your company know that I just received my second order of your Cucumber Mint Fragrance Oil and have to tell you that it is simply divine! It has such a fresh fragrance and the balance of the two fragrances together is perfect. I have a customer who says that she loves it so much that she dreams of that particular fragrance. She orders more each time she gets close to running out. In fact, her last order she ordered a gallon of products from me with that fragrance.

I ordered Cucumber Mint from another supplier when I got low on the one I had from you. The other supplier was cheaper so I thought there could not be too much of a difference......boy, was I wrong! It did not have that clean fresh fragrance that yours does. It should have been called Mint Cucumber....I could hardly smell anything but mint. I sent a sample product to my customer that loves your Cucumber Mint with the other suppliers' Cucumber Mint and she in no uncertain terms said it could not be used.....

So, the old expression that you get what you pay for is so true. I have not been disappointed with any of the oils that I have purchased from you! Your company is a keeper and I will order from you from now on.
Bonnie B. Rantoul, IL
I just wanted to thank you for such a great product. I received my first shipment of fragrance oils and I am in love with each scent. There wasn't one that I disliked - which means your descriptions are very accurate. I also was thrilled to find 2 sample oils in there and I loved both the scents. I can't wait to let my Mom sniff these when she comes into town this weekend - I know she'll be ordering! I appreciate that your shipping cost is not outrageous either - so many people are unaffordable because the shipping is so high.

Thank you again and I know I will be ordering again very soon - I can't wait to try new scents. Forget Me Not is going to smell so good burning for spring. I use these scents in handmade soy candles. I just started making them about 6 months ago and I am addicted!
Melissa M
Erie, PA
As it was with my first order and my most recent, your customer service is outstanding! And we can't forget about the shipping! I place an order and it seems like I barely hit the complete button and here it is at my door! I look forward to many, many, many more transactions in the future!
I'll admit to reading a few others before I responded. I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one treated special. I'm a Sales & Marketing professional who is amazed also with your obviously growing company. Kudos to all you fine folks for doing things the right way the first time and keeping the Golden Rule alive and well in the 20th century. Wishing you much future success. I'll be back!
Jonna B.
Tulsa, OK
Very impressive customer service. I received an email notification of delivery to my front door. The package contained a couple of candies and a thank you card in addition to my order. I will definitely order again! Many thanks!
Tammy M.
would like to I have been pleased with the accuracy of my order. I also appreciated the fast response to filling of the order. I also had to make a call to the office, and found a very friendly voice. thanks so much. May God Bless,
Just wanted to say "thank you" for your phenomenal service - I placed orders late on Monday (a holiday) - I received yours on Thursday - I still have not received the others!! Great products and terrific service - Thank you!
I am seriously impressed by your service. I ordered on Wednesday morning and the parcel was delivered to me in ENGLAND on Friday morning! Great job, thanks.
Helen Smith
Great scents, butters-thank you!
DC Area
I just want to say I was really pleased with the quick delivery of the items that I ordered. I placed my order on Wednesday and received them on Thursday, that's what I call quick. Thanks so much!
I am in LOVE with the FOs I ordered, plus just about every sample one, too. Your fragrances are so beautifully blended, I've been finding that they outshine most of what I own. (And I'm a fragrance fanatic who tends to spend $$$ on my oils, so I'm looking at my 500 bottles and thinking, "You guys don't come close to these new FOs, LOL!)

My kids noticed the candy right away (sigh ... I shared ...) and I really appreciate the pretty pen. I also thank you for the lightning speed of your delivery. Wow!

Have a great weekend!
Port Jefferson, NY
I just tried the Air Freshner Base, and all I can say is wonderful. Great product.
Mary Gilliam
Orange County, CA
I received your parcel today, less than a week after I ordered from you. The fragrances and products are excellent, just as I expected from your pictures and your descriptions. Your service is second to none, and you could teach some UK suppliers a thing or two. I'll be back soon. Many Thanks!
Angela Lodge
Hello Amy, Want to thank you for your fast-fast shipping and helping me with the purple dye problem. Started the 20 lbs of chunks for the candles and the dye is perfect! Can't wait to try all the other new colors.
Cindy Hannon
I received my fragrance oils and I just wanted to say how great they smell first of all, but also how appreciative I was that you made me feel special with a pretty company pen and some candy! :) I felt like a kid for a few moments! ha ha! Anyway, those are the touches you gotta keep doing. It makes your customers know just a little bit more how you appreciate their business! So thank you!
Jen O.
Oh, Amy, I'm in trouble! I received my 12 sample bottles of fragrance today ... and I'm head over heels in love with every blasted one of them! Woe is me! I had thought I would perhaps like some of them and order an FO or two later, but with each bottle I kept being wowed by how magnificent they are. None of them is cloyingly sweet like so many fragrances I've come across from other suppliers. I can see I will have to save my pennies, LOL!

All the best,
Port Jefferson, NY
WOW! I just has to write and let you all know how absolutely thrilled I am with my first (but definitely NOT last) shopping experience with you. The products are FABULOUS, the prices are WONDERFUL, the communication and status updates were AMAZING, and the extra goodies for my sweet tooth (and solution to my ever-present 'where is that pen when I need it?' problem) were DELIGHTFUL! I was simply amazed at the SUPERSONIC delivery time and the care and attention paid to my little order. You have earned my repeat business and I cannot wait to share my 'find' with my friends. I am a seller on eBay who firmly believes that you can still add a very personal touch to what some see as a "faceless" electronic business, and I truly believe that my success and continued repeat business is rooted in that concept of personal service. I am beyond thrilled to have found a retailer who believes the same thing and puts it into practice with EXCELLENCE.

Thank you so much for making me feel (and know) that I am a valued customer. I truly look forward to doing business many, many times in the future.

Again, my thanks to ALL!
Diane H.
Ocala, FL
I just had to send this email to let you know how much I appreciate your oils. The whole experience from the order to the delivery was one of the best I have ever had. Your connection with Quantum View notifying when the oils were shipped, and another email when the oils were delivered, was wonderful. My oils are delivered to my home and I don't have to wonder IF my delivery will be there when I get home. Your oils also have the best aroma of any that I have ever bought. I think that is due to your description of the oils (clean,etc.) You know what kind of scent you will get before you order.

Thanks again.
Mary Jones, a most satisfied customer
Your fragrance oils are outstanding! As a first time customer, I must praise you for your products, ease of website ordering and your quick shipping. I received my order the next day after it was ordered. I would highly recommend your products.

Thank you and I look forward to placing additional orders with Rustic Escentuals in the future!
Tracy Elks
North Carolina
I'm Very Impressed , you have a great site! I look forward to doing business with you in the near future!
Sheila Tyler Texas
I just received my order and I find it imperative to let you how fabulous your service and products are! You have a unique, high quality selection of FO's, excellent customer service, order was shipped immediately with recycled packaging which is eco friendly and easier to dispose of/re-utilize, and you included some little extras (sweet treats) which not only brought a smile to my face but came at such the perfect time!!!!!

This was my first time ordering from Rustic Escentuals, you have just secured a new permanent patron/client. Thank you for taking the extra steps that makes your company a first rate and obviously dedicated organization.
Best Regards,
Stacy L.
I just received my first order today. I placed my order on the 4th and received it on the 8th. Had notification the day i ordered that it was in UPS system. Will definately be back for more! BTW, I love the scents I chose! I think they will work perfectly in my Smelly Jellies! Will be getting more of the others soon. Thanks for a great experience!
I would just like to say you people are the BEST! Thank you for having everything all at one place where it makes obtaining stock not only affordable but in one place! HUGE THANK YOU!!
This was the BEST online buying experience I've ever had! I got my order the next day! Wonderful products, and the free goodies were so cute! I will be back often for ALL my candlemaking needs! Thanks so much!!
North Carolina
I've been making candles for almost 5 years. I use only a few select suppliers. After trying Amy's scents during her Scent Event sale,I must say that her scents are exceptional! High quality fragrance oils. I will definitely be back for more, but bigger bottles this time!
A super supplier with top notch fragrance oils!
South Carolina
Amy did a wonderful job getting a rush order to me! I can't thank her enough. She is an ! I'll definately be buying from Rustic Escentuals again
Kristina Leist
I have tested the flannel sheets in soy wax it has a wonderful sent throw!
My order was here within three days of ordering and there was a few goodies included![ I was so impressed that I will definitely be back for more!
wonderful site! i have been coming here for over a year for my embed & fragrance orders and have been very satisfied! thank-you and keep up the good work!
Corpus Christi, TX
Yes, your site is very nice. I am going to try to make my first candles and am searching for all the info I can find. I find I am most confussed about what size wicks to use with what. Keep up the good work!
I like the information on this website It has been a real help to me in making my candles.
I have only made 3 gel candles. They didn't turn out to bad. Not many bubbles (good right?) I would like to learn more on how to make different kinds and have different embeds and scents. This sounds like a good sight to look for all of that.
Erie, PA
Very informative web site. I am just starting out (experimental stages). And you have made me feel at ease. I was very nervous of blowing up the house in the process. I placed an order with another company but was not comfortable with the products I purchased and how to use them. The other sites I have visited and books I have read were not as specific as yours. That's how you got my order! Thank You. If all works out well I'll be back to order more!
New York
Very nice products, glad to have found your site!
Mary Rose
Akron, OH
Just received my first order from your company today and I am throughly pleased! I placed my order and 2 days later I have it in my hands! I love all 23 scents including the extra free sample that you sent! I will definately be buying from you again! Thanks!!
Tina Palmer
I just received my 2nd order from Rustic today and I'am as pleased today as I was with my first order last month. You are professional,prompt and thorough. Starry Light Creations has become a permanent customer. Thank you so much for allowing us at "SLC", to have a one stop shop for our supplies. Your products are wonderful and hey, love the "FROOTIES"!
Lawrenceville, GA
I was very happy to recieve all the beautiful things and your service is wonderful. Thank you sooooo muuuuch. I will keep on ordering from time to time. Thanks a bunch!
I cannot express how pleased I am with your products. The standard far surpasses any othe product I have found and the prices are the lowest around. I am only starting out now, but expect many more orders in the future! To anyone contemplating using Rustic Escentuals, I would say do it now! The quality has to be seen to be believed
Emily Henwood
I wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are! I have been pleased with everything I have ordered from you. Your scents are some of the best out there. They smell wonderful! Your glass embeds are great - they actually look like what they are supposed to be - I've seen some that are terrible! Orders are promptly filled & shipped...you guys are great! Keep up the good work. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your company. It's nice to gets complements and not just complaints! Thank you again for your wonderful service.
Cathy Niles
Once we met the folks from Rustic Escentuals at the Vegas conference last March and saw how wonderful their products are......we became customers immediately!!!!! You will too!!!! Be prepared to NEVER be able to cut back on your scents, though!!! They are all awesome, as is the service that you'll be getting from them!!!! We've only been in business since November of 2002, but we have found no better supplies anywhere!!!!!
Tom Keonig
Boscobel, WI
site is so awesome, has inspired me, I have been wanting to make candles for a long time, will take up with this very soon
Jamie Lee Meador
Amy's FO's are absolutely wonderful! If you have a chance, order one of everything eventually. I promise you won't be disappointed. Amy is great and she gives great customer service.
Melissa Garner
Arkansan in Puerto Rico
I have been buying from Rustic Escentuals for awhile now and am always very satisfied with everything Amy sends me. Wonderful supplier!!
Just had to come here and let Amy and everyone else know what a great job she is doing. I started ordering from her about a month ago and every order I have received very quick and the quality of her supplies are great. I really can't say enough good things about her. And that's my experience with Amy and Rustic Escentuals.
I just want to say thank you for your prompt shipping service. I do order from other sites but when i know i need something within days, i come right here....
Also, my daughter loves the candies....
Washington DC Area
I Just wanted to say that I am very happy with your prompt response to my orders and very happy with the embeds I have ordered.
Linda Mattes
The Candle Pantry, Pres
I have been buying from Rustic Escentuals for awhile now and am always very satisfied with everything Amy sends me. Wonderful supplier!!
You guys are GREAT. Super fast shipping, and WONDERFUL packing of fragile items. The scents ordered smelled OUTSTANDING! I will be ordering again!
I am green with envy, looking at all the beautiful goodies that you have there in the USA. I have in all honesty never seen so many candle making supplies, it's a pity the Rand / Dollar exchange rate is so expensive otherwise I would order from you. The candles in the photo section are wonderful. All I can say is that South Africa is in the dark ages as far as Candle making is concerned. praises to you.
South Africa
There aren't enough good comments that can be said about Rustic Escentuals. Amy, you are the most professional supplier I deal with and by far the most personable! Orders are always securely packed and promptly on their way to me. Anyone else reading this I would give this company an A+ rating for their customer service and products.
Thanks again!
PS - We will be doing business together a long time!
Omaha, NE
I placed an order just last Tues. & it was here by Fri. I was empressed, but not half as empressed as I was when I opened my package! I have already used some of my goodies and I'm in love with the scents!! I have been purchasing mine in other places but not anymore. You have me hooked!!!!!! Thanks so much, I'm glad I found your site
Sandy Cordell
Rossville, GA
I just received my first (but not only) shipment of goodies from your business, and I am so very impressed with all of the iteams. I am also extremely satisfied with the customer service you gave to me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your wonderful web site and products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shannon Rodgers, True Lights Gel candles
I make wax paraffin candles, rather than gel. A candlemaker friend RAVED about your scents so I gave them a try. I've ordered nearly 50 of your scents and I won't ever, ever use another supplier for fragrances (or wicks!) again! I don't know how they perform in gel, but they are PERFECT in wax!!!! Thank you for such fast service - my packages always arrive safely. YOU'RE THE BEST!
Doran Greene
sunny California
Very nice site. Your prices are great. I have ordered some packaging supplies & products for my candle making and I will return for more!!! Thanks!
Dolores Louderback
Winchester, OH
I received a candle for Christmas and fell in love. I decided that I wanted to try my hand at this. Well, I found your site, ordered some candle making supplies and was hooked!! I was very impressed with the quality of packaging and shippping time was excellent. Your site is very easy to navigate, especially for a newbie like me. I have just placed my second order and be assured it won't be my last. Thanks for being there.
Pat Hieber
Oh my goodness! My daughter and I just got finished going through my order and we were justed amazed. Every embed we pulled out of the boxed was so securely wrapped. I have never, and I mean never received anything protected that well. Every embed that we unwrapped my daughter and I just screamed, we were like, "this looks to pretty", then we preceded to call everyone else into the living room to take a look. Those embeds were awesome, they look 10x better than what I expected. I don't think that I will ever buy any embeds from anyone other than rustic escentuals. My candles are going to look so good!
Washington DC
Thank you for carrying all the neat little goodies that you sell,you are one of my biggest and best suppliers,thank you.
Angela Faye Ottinger
Newport, TN
I have been searching the web for 3-4 weeks gathering information on making candles. There are many sites out there with information and products to see. The professionalism of your website kept drawing me back. It is beautifully done. It is easy to navigate and the pictures of the products are very good. I ordered from you for the first time last Thursday and received the order on Tuesday. On Tuesday of this week, I ordered several things to be sent to my son in Oregon. He and I became interested in candle making while he was visiting at Christmas. When I checked the UPS tracking information I noticed that you had received the order at around 3:30 in the afternoon and had a UPS pickup for it by 8:30. A 5 hour turnaround is incredible!

I am just now working on my first candle. I do not know how many I will make but I do know that any supplies I need I will order from you. Thanks for a great transaction.
Suzanne M.
I recently placed my first order with your Company. WOW! Was I impressed! Not only were the products top notch, but the shipping was super fast! Your candle scents are also some of the strongest I've come across so far, and what a broad selection of gel safe fragrance oils! I'm one of those people who would only buy scents from a particular manufacturer, until I tried yours. Now I'm placing another order for FO's
By far the most SUPERIOR candle making supplier out there. Thanks soooo mcuh for all you do Amy!
North Carolina
What can I say. I am truly excited and can't wait to get started. I have to be honest, when I dedided I would make gel candles, I was looking around for suppliers closer to where I am, due to shipping costs . It seems I will have to learn patience and wait on my supplies to ship. Anticpation....all I need now is the cash, so I can be like the Mervyn's commercial...OPEN..OPEN...OPEN!!! BUY...BUY...BUY!
La Tonya
Los Angeles, CA
I wanted to say candle fragrance oils are wonderful. Some of the best I have ever tried. I will definitely order again. Thank you.
I just wanted to say that I received my order today and WOW! I can't believe it got here so quickly. Also, the Hot Apple Pie fragrance oil smells just wonderful! Thank you so much!
Hi and Merry Christmas! I got my package today and just like the first one I got, everything was intact and simply lovely. I just love your little goodies, thank you very much for your prompt shipping.
Angela O.
Yes I do have a comment! I have never had a problem with anything I have ever purchased from Amy and am shocked at the fast shipping! Amy, you have wonderful products and as long as I make candles...you have a loyal customer in Wild Wonderful West Virginia!
West Virginia
I would just like to congratulate you on what a wonderful job you are doing with your business. I have been ordering from you for the past few weeks and you get the orders out quickly and they are always correct! You make my life so much simpler. I have had problems with other suppliers and find that it is easier to order from you than from a supplier in my own area. I am so grateful for you and your business! Keep up the good work!
Ariana Jordan, Ariana's Aromas
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and to tell you how pleased I am. Everything was correct, I love the shrink bags and the Fuzzy Peach smells just like real peaches! Super fast shipping too. I thought you'd want to know that I think you did a great job. Thanks again!
My package just arrived and I am sooooo impressed with the quality of the candle fragrance oils. I already know a few things that will be on my next order.
Thank you so much for the fast service and the great product. You will be getting another order from me in the very near future.
Anna M.
A candle-maker friend referred me to Amy for supplies. I just got my order and WOW I'm so happy I found you. You have everything I could ever want! You truly are a one stop source for all of my needs. BTW, your packing was wonderful and everything arrived FAST and in perfect condition. Thank you.
St Louis
I didn't know how to make candles but always wanted to learn. I put together my own "starter kit" from products on your site! I got my order last week and I'm THRILLED!!!!Your products are awesome . Thank you, thank you. I really am learning a lot from the book I purchased, and am totally in love with the Black Cherry, Freesia, Wisteria, and Hot Apple Pie fragrance oils. You have a loyal customer with me! Thanks for all of your help.
Superior products, superior quality, superior customer service. Your candle scents for wax and gel are the best I've ever used.
Michaude Adams
I love this website!!! I am new at candle making and everything I need is right here
Becky Wright
First time ordering from your website and just wanted to pass on how VERY pleased I was with the products, packaging and promptness of handling the order!!! Thanks for being so professional!
Puddin' Tain'
Great Lakes
Great site, I just placed an order and can't wait to recieve it
fantastic selection of products....a TRUE one stop source!!! You have absolutely everything I could ever need.
Tammy Gibson
Amy~You have a wonderful site with wonderful products to back it up. I love everything especially your candle fragrances. Keep up the good work!!
Cayesha Perryman
Amy came highly recommended so I decided to check out the site, very impressed so I just placed an order. Patiently waiting.
Tombstone, AZ
Hi what a great site, lots of good ideas for people like me just starting out, not sure about importing stuff, actually not sure on how to go about it, havent found any thing like this in Perth!!!!!
Perth, Australia
I was searching the internet for candle making supplies and came to your site,very inpressed. The supplies I found was interesting.I'm trying to something unique for my new candle company.This site has given me great ideas. Thank You.
Pamela Jones
Port Arthur, TX
I'm just getting started, but having a great time. The scents are soooo great
Thank-you Amy for supplying such super candle fragrance oils, I ordered 20 1oz sample bottles and LOVE them all. Great site and wonderful service
New Zealand
I have been making candles for about a year now. I was surfing the net looking for a new supplier. I like the way your site is layed out; its clear and concise. I am also impressed with prices on products; very resonable! Thank you!
Bellflower, CA
I love gel candles and especially since i have found Amy"s site.Everything i have ordered from her has been perfect.I am hopeing i can also get my gel from her in the near future.Thanks Amy!!
Columbus, OH
Thanks for everything Amy!! Your website looks amazing!!! Love how my packages get here in 2 days!!!
Humble, TX
I love your stuff. Shipping is fast. Never a problem in over a year ordering from you. I sleep at nite when my candles are made with your products. thx again (GCM) member
Great web site I can't wait to place my first order. Love the supplies!
Dena Villanueva
Houston, TX
I am so happy with every thing I have order from you. The service was fast and your supplies are great. I will order more from you.
I truly enjoy the quality of your products. You have a wonderful unique collection of fragrance oils and I like the fact that they are body safe. I share that information with my clients, who are appreciative. Keep up the good work!
Anita C Powell (Engai Incorporated)
Detroit, MI
I Just received my order,I love the candle scents!!!the service was fast,I finally found a wick I'm really satisfied with!I liked the little samples they put in with my order too!I will be a customer of Rustic Escentuals as long as they are around!! Thanks!
West Virginia
Your fragrances are great! Will buy again soon!
Great service. I like the little extras that Amy puts with the orders. Will definitely be placing a lot more orders in the future! :-O
Rock Hill, SC
Amy has the best fragrance oils around for wax and gel!! I am soooo impressed. She showed me the things I needed that I didn't have already, and believe me she knows her stuff! They are all top notch and excellent! My scent throw with her Fragrances are smelled across the house and people I sell my candles to enjoy them VERY much.
Great Job Amy!:-)
Tia Green
Greenville, SC
Have placed several orders, and am GCM member, although not actively posting for awhile (been lurking in the wings) working almost full time lately and babysitting new g/daughter;pooped out! LOL
Anyway, have always been extremely satisfied with all your products. Thanks for all the gel safe scents, I don't have time to test for polarity, so trust ordering from you, since I know you do the work for me.
Thanks again for your wonderful site.
Rhode Island
Ordered a couple of your fragrances for my gel candles and they are out of this world. Expect to be placing another order very soon. Delivery was also very fast.
debbie Standen
Peterborough, UK
My husband & I are looking at getting into making candles and I was surfing the net to find the items we would need, since most of them are not sold on the island and we would have to look at importing them. Will be looking at placing an order in the near future.
Hariette Rowe
Barbados in the West Indes
This is a great website. I am really glad that I found it. I'll recommend it to many of my friends. Thanks!
J. Headen
South Carolina
Having placed and received my first order with you I had to let potential customers know how wonderful my experience has been! The embeds are perfect..so much nicer than other websites show...the candle scents are amazingly strong...the customer service is five star! Two days after receiving my first order I'm placing another!! Thank you Amy!!!!!!!
Debbi Maroney
I am one happy customer! I am glad to have had an angel send me the link to Amy's site (wish I knew who it was to thank them!). It is so comforting to have one supplier for just about EVERYTHING I need to make BEAUTIFUL and ENJOYABLE candles. Thanks for being a great supplier Amy!
De Andra Lopez
Van Nuys, CA
I have spent more time on your site then any other I've come across. Presented very well. It was also very informative on different subjects about candle making. I'm just getting started with it. After having done crafts for the last 30 years I thought I would read up on this one before I got started. Thank You.
Sandy Mikhel
East Chicago, IN
As a candle artisan and concerned citizen, I diligently research information on the safety of candle making to ensure my clients are afforded with high quality candles that enhances decorum while providing aromas that are pleasing to the senses.
Anita C. Powell
Detroit, MI
Great site Amy...you and your web people are doing wonders! Lovely scents, fast shipping, WONDERFUL customer service!
Ausome sight......... you go girl....... this looks great ........ I will be getting fragrances soon............
Krisen Dunsbergen
Redmond, OR
I love your site! I'm very pleased to see that you carry candle fragrance oils, and at such great prices! I'm very upset to see that I got RIPPED OFF at "another" company with poor quality. Good Luck!
Just stumbled on your web site and as you can see by my order, I am quite pleased and excited about all of the wonderful candle supplies you offer. Can't wait to get them so i can get to work creating wonderful works of art. Will send pictures soon.
Christine Howie
Claremont, CA
I ordered your glass whales and a few scents. I was very pleased with the fast service and the items are fantastic. I will be buying from you again in the near future.
I'm just a newbie, and am learning alot from Candlebrew. Ive read some of your posts, and followed your link. I think this is a GREAT site! Thanks!
Cherry Hill, NJ
Great Site AMY!!! Can't wait to see more!
Rick Pollard
N Myrtle Beach, SC
Must commend you on your site it is impressive! Love the nature feel & look, so earthy and reputable. Best wishes on your internet endeavor!
Lelaine Marzolf
Pittsburgh, PA
It looks wonderful! Very you and you know what I mean by that. :-) I am very proud of you! Great job! And I can vouch for the quality of Amy's supplies. They are AAA+++!
Kimberly Pake
Concord, NC
Congratulations, Amy, on a super website not to mention a terrific business! Browsing this site has been very exciting! I am so proud of you! Love!
Kaye B. Pattillo
Barnwell, SC
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