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Calculate Candle Burn Time

Initial Weight Enter the initial weight of the candle in grams or ounces. Use decimals. Example: 14 and three quarters ounces would be entered as 14.75. Do not type in any words such as "ounces".

Duration of Test Burn Enter the number of hours the candle was burned. Use decimals if needed. Example: 9 and one quarter ounces would be entered as 9.25. Do not type in any words such as "grams".

Final Weight Enter the final weight of the candle. Use decimals if needed.

Empty Container Weight If this was a container candle, enter the weight of the empty container. (This is the tare weight before beginning the candle making.) If this is not a container candle, enter 0 (zero). Use decimals if needed.

= This is your estimated total burn time in hours.

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