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Pro Tip: Print your labels on plain printer paper and hold up to the label sheet to verify all margins are correct and the content is printing where you expect it to BEFORE printing on the labels themselves.

If you're having problems with creating labels, we're here to help. It's easy to do - just click, create, and print using our templates and blank waterproof inkjet labels. Personalization and customization couldn't be easier! Create impressive, durable labels to fit the look and feel of your products. These labels are waterproof so you don't have to worry about hand crafted toiletries smearing or smudging when they get wet. These durable labels are perfect for everything from hand crafted toiletries, lip balms, candles and air fresheners to water bottle labels, outdoor decals & stickers, bumper stickers and more. Labels for lip balm tubes and lip balm labels. No one will ever know you didn't have these professionally printed!

These bright white weatherproof vinyl labels are for inkjet printers only. The material is waterproof and the ink from a standard inkjet printer will encapsulate upon printing. Once the sheet has been printed it will not smear when touched with a wet hand or soaked in water. The self-adhesive labels are constructed of a durable 50 lb. specially coated vinyl face sheet with a 50 lb. liner. The vinyl material has a strong, permanent adhesive which has been designed specifically for use with inkjet printers. All this creates labels which are extra strong, extra durable and long-lasting. Labels adhere to just about anything as long as the surface is clean upon applying. Excellent results with most types of inkjet printers, but compatibility testing is always recommended. No special ink is required. The minimum application temperature is 35° F. Once applied, these labels withstand wet conditions as well as a wide temperate range of -20° to 220°F.

These blank label sheets are the perfect choice for creating inexpensive, customized, durable labels. Go ahead….be creative and be confident in the finished product!
1.625" X 1.8125" White Waterproof Inkjet Label
Perfect for slimline lip balm tubes!
(1 reviews)  
1.8" x 1.8" White Waterproof Inkjet Label
Perfect for lip balm tubes! Lip balm labels, labels for lip balm.
(2 reviews)  
1.875" x .9375" White Waterproof Inkjet Label
Perfect for lip balm slider tins!
2" Circle White Waterproof Inkjet Label
20 Labels per sheet
2.125" x 1.6875" White Waterproof Inkjet Label
Perfect for lip balm tubes!
(1 reviews)  
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