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Bath & Body Supplies

Bath & Body Supplies

Ingredients, Equipment, and Accessories for Making Bath and Body Products

Bath and Body Equipment(7 Products)

Rustic Escentuals is pleased to offer you the best in personal care, soap, and candle making supplies and equipment.

Waxes for Bath and Body(6 Products)

A main ingredient in a number of bath and body recipes is wax. We are proud to now offer all-natural waxes fit for body butters, creams, lotions, lotion bars, hair pomades, soaps and candles. Our pure and natural waxes are petroleum free and all-natural. We offer natural soy wax, natural yellow beeswax, white beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, and natural wax jelly. For the vegan conscious formulator we suggest our soy wax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax. These are not only vegan friendly but all-natural and eco-friendly as well. When you choose Rustic Escentuals as your natural wax supplier, you're choosing ingredients that are sourced from the highest quality raw materials available. We want only the best for our customers. Make Rustic Escentuals your one stop shop for all your lip balm and other bath and body product needs.

Bath Bomb Molds(6 Products)

A Bath Bomb, or Bath Snowball, is a hard packed ball which effervesces when placed in water. They are used to add scent and color to bath water. Bath Bombs can be used for therapeutic purposes because they contain oils, butters, and sea salts which impart various benefits. Bath Fizzies (which is the loose powder used to create bath bombs) and Bath bombs can serve as inexpensive gifts for folks who need to be pampered and are fun to make. Our Bath Bomb Molds make it easy to turn out accurately sized finished products. Get creative with your bath bomb recipe and add herbs, botanicals, oils , butters, and Dead Sea Salts to pamper the skin! Add Bath Bombs to your line of soaps and candles for matching scents and colors.
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