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Aurora Sparkles Dazzle Dust

Aurora Sparkles Dazzle Dust
Our Dazzle Dusts can be mixed with our Shimmer Dust™ glitter for extra color & sparkle in your candle making. It can be used to accent defined areas on your candles. Because it is glass it can be used in a gel candle to create an amazing sparkle effect or in the bottom of the containers as gorgeous anchoring material.

Not for use in soap, bath or body products.

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Garnet Dazzle Dust
Garnet Dazzle Dust is made with REAL GARNET particles. The tiny facets on the garnet particles give a dazzling sparkle effect. Can be used as a cinnamon garnish on pie, cake, muffin and cinnamon roll candles. Also makes the perfect cinnamon sprinkle for cappuccino candles. Use with soy wax or paraffin wax candles - pillar candles or votive candles. Wholesale candle making supplies.
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Star Dust Dazzle Dust
Our Dazzling Star Dust is made from very fine glass particles that can be used on soy wax or paraffin wax candles or embeds to created a *frosted* look. Our Star Dust gives the most amazing sparkle effect. Wholesale candle making supplies.
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