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Lip Balm Supplies

Lip Balm Supplies
Lip Balm Tube Sets Natural, white and colored lip balm tubes and caps. Lip Balm and lip gloss are immensely popular and a great addition to any product line. We try our best to find versatile lip balm tubes, lip balm containers, and lip balm supplies for every need and recipe!
Lip Balm Tubes Tube only, caps sold separately. These traditional styled tubes are perfect for lip balm, body butters, cuticle cream, solid perfumes, lotion bars, blemish treatment sticks and more. Make your products stand out and look professional! Twist-up turning base (propel/repel) allows your product to be cleanly and evenly dispensed. Capacity is .15 oz. (4.25g), height of 67 mm, diameter of 16 mm, made of polypropylene with 35% post-consumer recycled material. Tubes are recyclable with a recycle code #5. These tubes are sold separately from colored caps for you to select caps which will coordinate and complement the lip balm flavor oils you use.
Colored Caps These colorful caps will fit our 0.15 ounce White and Natural lip balm tubes. Tubes and caps are sold separately unless you are purchasing a tube set. Colored caps are made of polypropylene and are a Recycle Code number 5. Get creative and coordinate your lip balm flavors with complementary caps! More colors coming soon! *Note: We have provided color photos for your convenience. However, due to the nature of the Internet, colors may appear slightly different from the true-to-life color. All colors shown are approximate but will vary on different computers and monitor screens. Please note that tubes and caps are sold separately. You are just buying CAPS here.
Small Pots & Jars Handy and versatile these small pots and tubes are light weight and suitable for lip balms, salves, creams and free samples for your customers. Contemporary and colorful they're the perfect packaging choice for portable creams, lotions, body butters, glitter and gel. Use them for your arts and crafts or fill them with something special and drop them in your gift baskets! Great for holding cosmetics, too. Packaging that's safe to use and in sizes and styles for purse or pocket, take them traveling or use them for anything imaginable!
Boxes, Trays, Shrink Bands Lip balm tube packaging & filling solutions. Lip balm supplies for making your own lip balm! Lip Balm and lip gloss are immensely popular and a great addition to any product line. We try our best to find versatile lip balm tubes, lip balm containers, and lip balm supplies for every need and recipe!
Bases Our natural lip balm bases are easy to use, save you time and money, and are excellent emollients and natural antioxidants. Made from natural waxes and luxury oils, you'll find our bases make finished products that are smooth and creamy without a leaving a waxy drag or sticky lips. Packaged and sold by weight. 1 lb.of lip balm base (16 oz.) makes approx. 106 tubes of lip balm.
Lip Balm Flavor Oils The Lip Savors™ flavor collection is here! Lip Savors™ are cosmetic flavor oils designed for use in lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks, and edible massage oils. These flavor oils are oil soluble, unsweetened, do not use any nut derived oils, are vegan friendly and cruelty free, and are free of gluten and parabens. The term "flavor oil" is a bit of a misnomer. Flavor oils are really lip-safe fragrances. They smell but do not taste. Flavor oils are used to scent your lips. Commercial products that seem to have a taste actually use a sweetener (commonly aspartame or other sugar substitute). The sweetener tricks your brain into thinking you are tasting the flavor when you are actually smelling it. If you add a sweetener to lip balms, be aware that this will make the user have a tendency to lick their lips, which is drying. Recommended usage rate is up to 3%. (Multiply your product weight by .03 and the resulting number is the weight of the flavor oil you should add.) When testing the flavor of a product, start with the smallest amount of flavor possible - it is always easy to add more, but impossible to take it away. Flavor oils can be blended to create interesting and fun combinations. Note: Flavor oil formulations are not required to be listed by individual ingredients. Ingredients that make up a formulation are Federally protected as proprietary formulations by regulating bodies and are considered a protected trade secret by the manufacturer. The word "fragrance" or "flavor" is all that is required to be listed. No other obligations are required by any regulating bodies. * INCI for ALL flavor oils: flavor ** Note: All flavor oils are sold by weight, not volume. Fill level of bottles will vary.
Lip Balm Tints Lip Balm Tints™ are used to tint and color your lip balm. Recommended usage is 5-35 drops per ounce of base, depending upon desired shade. Lip Balm Tints will not add a bold color like what is found in lipstick - these colorants are designed to add a nice hue to the balm itself and does not color the lips. Lip Balm Tints are oil based. Coordinate colors with lip balm flavors and mix colors to create dynamic shades.