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Lip Balm Colorants

We offer an extensive line of Lip Balm Tints and Lip Safe Mica Colorants for your lip balm, lipstick, lipgloss formulations. Use singly or combine to create a world of customized color unique to your products and lineup!
Micas, Oxides, Pigments (45 Products) Color your lip balms, lipstick, glosses, and more with our line of professional micas, oxides and pigments. Mica pigments are natural occurring minerals (purified and crushed) which range from completely matte to opalescent or sparkling. Mica pigments made be used to color lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick and mineral makeup and are hugely popular in lip balm usage as most do not morph or bleed. Micas are easy to use and fun to work with. Color ranges go beyond the rainbow and you can mix color to create even more unique and brilliant shades. Please see specific notes on each color for product suitability as well as use and applications. Purchasers should determine suitability through testing and evaluations. Micas are sold by weight, not volume (except sample sizes which are approx. 1 teaspoon). Larger sizes come packaged in bags or jars. Our photos are as accurate as possible but due to variations in monitor settings, the actual color may vary from what you see. Need help learning how to use mica colorants in lip balm? Feel free to visit our Crafting Library ! We have a specific tutorial on using micas: How To Color Lip Balm Using Mica . This tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions with photos so you can expand your library of lip balm colors.
Lip Balm Tints (5 Products) Lip Balm Tints™ are used to tint and color your lip balm. Recommended usage is 5-35 drops per ounce of base, depending upon desired shade. Lip Balm Tints will not add a bold color like what is found in lipstick - these colorants are designed to add a nice hue to the balm itself and does not color the lips. Lip Balm Tints are oil based. Coordinate colors with lip balm flavors and mix colors to create dynamic shades.
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