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Citric Acid Citric Acid
Citric Acid is a weak, natural acid found in citrus-type fruits. Citric Acid is used in cosmetic to lower the pH in formulations and in soaps to provide better foam and water-softening. Citric Acid can be combined with baking soda to create bath bombs and bath fizzies. Combine our Mica colorants and body safe fragrance oils when making bath bombs for fun, unique creations! Our Citric Acid is a fine granular product which is food grade.

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Cyclomethicone Cyclomethicone
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Cyclomethicone is a versatile, clear liquid. It has no odor and can be used to blend with FO's and EO's with no clouding or separation. The versatility includes lotions, creams, deodorants, antiperspirants, hair conditioners, make up, nail polish, hair sprays, body mists, bath salts and more! This product will produce a luxurious body spray that feels dry. It has a silky smooth feel and is dry rather than greasy.
INCI: Cyclomethicone
Foam Booster Foam Booster
Our liquid Foam Booster has the ability to transform any ordinary liquid soap into a luscious bubble bath or shower gel! It's an ideal surfactant for a variety of detergent and personal care applications including hand soaps, shampoos, and bath products. It offers the formulator excellent viscosity and foaming characteristics, as well as mildness. Foam Booster offers superior stability over alcohol sulfates over a broad pH range. Perfect for use with our Goat's Milk Liquid Soap Base and Liquid Glycerin Soap Base. Click here for full product details and information.
INCI: Sodium Olefin Sulfonate
Fragrance Oil & Essential Oil Modifier Fragrance Oil & Essential Oil Modifier
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Our Modifier allows you to take most any Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil and blend with water while remaining clear.
Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable
Vegetable Glycerin is a clear, odorless, thick liquid used in body care products and cosmetics as a humectant to help attract and retain both moisture and oxygen to the skin. Vegetable Glycerin is a natural emollient which has a cooling effect on the skin. Vegetable Glycerin is soluble in both alcohol and water; however insoluble in oil. Vegetable Glycerin is a common and important ingredient in many soaps and skin care formulations such as lotions, shampoos, lava lamp lip gloss, and herbal remedies. Add Vegetable Glycerin to lotions during the water phase to improve the emollience of the product; add a small amount to melt and pour soap base while itís melted to give the soap more elasticity.

Appearance: Colorless liquid

Odor: Odorless

Shelf life: 5 years

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INCI: glycerin
Tocopherols (Vitamin E) Tocopherols (Vitamin E)
Vitamin E is a natural and powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E, natural mixed Tocopherols, can be used with fixed oils to help slow the oxidizing process. It is also used in soaps, lotions & creams, body butters, massage oils, and lip balms to help protect skin cells, regulate Vitamin A, and assist in combating the effects of aging. This is a thick, viscous oil which is easy to mix into formulations as well as liquid oils.

Color: amber

Odor: vegetable oil aroma

Viscosity: thick

Shelf life: 12-24 months from purchase

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INCI: Tocopherol
Ultra Violet Light Inhibitor for Soap/Wax Ultra Violet Light Inhibitor for Soap/Wax
Our UV Inhibitor works in all waxes, melt & pour soaps and body products to help lengthen color life and reduce fading. Candle dyes will fade when exposed to the sun, fluorescent lighting and incandescent lighting. It's important to protect your candle as much as possible and this is a must-have candle making supply product when using candle colorant. Recommended usage in wax is 0.2% per lb. which is approximately 1/8th of a teaspoon. Recommended usage in melt & pour soaps & bath/body products is 0.2% concentration. This is equal to approximately .885 grams per 1 lb. or 1.77 grams per 2 lbs.

*Note: This is the same UV Inhibitor that was also previously sold at KY Candle Wax Supply.

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