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Fragrance Oil Clearance Rack

Fragrance Oil Clearance Rack
As we continue to introduce new Fragrance Oils to our line, we must discontinue scents that don't sell as quickly. While it is never fun to say goodbye to old favorites, it must be done to save warehouse space. These oils will be available for purchase at deep discounts until the existing stock is gone. If one of your favorite, reliable scents is on the chopping block, please email us - we can arrange to make special purchases for you if you plan to buy in bulk.

**Note: All fragrances are sold by weight, not volume. Fill level of bottles will vary.

None of our Fragrance Oils or Flavor Oils contain Dibutyl Phthalate. Buy with confidence!
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Melon Patch
CherMark (CM)
A very true honeydew melon with just a touch of peel. Clean off the picnic table and get out the forks, 'cause this one will make you want fresh melons. You all know how picky I am, and this one definitely passes. This scent makes wonderfully fresh soap and body products. Terrific hot and cold throw in candles.
Bath & Body Safe
Compatibilities & Applications
Polarity: No Gel
Bath/Body: Safe
Soy Throw: Excellent
FP: 200°
Vegan Friendly: Yes
Temporarily out of stock