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Crafting Classes

Crafting Classes
Rustic Escentuals occasionally offers hands-on crafting classes in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Learn a new hobby like candle making or soap making! Classes include all materials & hand-outs and are taught by professionals. Class sizes are kept small to ensure an optimal learning experience.
Hands-On Soap Making Hands-On Soap Making
In a basic level soap making class we will show you how to make soap from fats, oils, and lye. Participants will learn the history of soap making, where to get materials, how to work safely with lye, how to mix lye with oils to initiate the reaction called saponification, and create naturally luxurious handcrafted soaps for your family and friends. In addition, you will get hands on experience, a packet of instructions, and the confidence to attempt to make soap on your own at home. As an added bonus, students will take home two bars of ready-to-use, cured soap and 2 pounds of the soap you made in class, a retail value of $60! Click here for full product details and information.