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Bottles Beautiful bottles that showcase your personal care and cosmetic products!
Bottle Closures Closures designed to fit our line of bottles.
Cosmetic Bottles Attractive packaging for your arts and crafts or gift basket needs! Use these inexpensive bottles to distribute your free samples, in your gift baskets, for lotions, shower gels, shampoo, liquid soaps, bath and body, travel sets, hand lotions, hand sanitizers, and gifts. Custom packaging in the perfect sizes and styles for purse, pocket, for traveling or anything that needs just that right little container!
Lotion Bar Containers Sleek and stylish containers to hold your solid lotion bars and perfumes.
Cosmetic Jars Our cosmetic containers and jars are perfect for a wide variety of personal care products including creams, butters, petroleum based products, powders and gels.
Small Pots & Jars Handy and versatile these small pots and jars are light weight and suitable for lip balms, salves, creams and free samples for your customers. Contemporary and colorful they're the perfect packaging choice for portable creams, lotions, body butters, glitter and gel. Use them for your arts and crafts or fill them with something special and drop them in your gift baskets! Great for holding cosmetics, too. Packaging that's safe to use and in sizes and styles for purse or pocket, take them traveling or use them for anything imaginable!